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May 13, 2024

My Central Experience


As someone who went to the same small school from kindergarten through eighth grade, I never had much school spirit and I assumed Central Catholic was just another ordinary school. Little did I know that Central would quickly prove me wrong.

My first week at Central Catholic was a whirlwind of new things; it was both the most overwhelming and exhilarating experience I’ve ever had. I knew from that first week that there was more to this world than what I was used to.

Being a freshman means getting lost, trying to find other freshmen to follow (which works until they get lost too), and thinking everything you do is embarrassing. I was no exception, but now I realize every freshman wanders around lost and confused, ironically it’s how we make friends.

There are so many reasons to go to Central, but for me, I wanted to make my mark just as my uncles did.

A common phrase that I guarantee every Central student has heard on the first day is ‘’Welcome to the Central Catholic Family’’. At first, I didn’t bother to think about what that meant; I now realize that it means when you agree to come to this school you’re joining a family of past and current students.

This family will always be there for you; for your greatest achievements and your biggest regrets, on your good days and your bad days, and everyday after you choose Central. Central Catholic is the center of a community; whether it be your friends, strangers, teachers, or alumni, everyone is connected to each other through it.

I had the privilege so far of attending football games, Grandparents Day, a pep rally, and homecoming. At every event, I felt something that can only be described as the kind of love you feel for your family.

There was no football team at my old school. Walking up to the stadium I was terrified; there were so many people and so much happening around me.

To make matters worse, I’d managed to forget my glasses and couldn’t see anything. My friends had to guide me through the stadium and tell me what was happening during the game. We were standing on one of the broken bleachers and every few minutes somebody would fall off into the sea of Central students. The excitement only intensified as with every play there were deafening chants and screaming throughout the crowd.

I’ll never forget that feeling, what it felt like to be a part of the CCHS family for the first time during the Alma Mater. It felt like this comforting, tender hand on my shoulder. I didn’t care if we won or lost, I just enjoyed being with my CCHS family.

I used to see life as getting through the day to get onto the next, a constant repeating cycle… It was only when I came to Central that I realized how wrong I was.

Central opened my eyes and helped me to see that I can live everyday without feeling like I’m rushing to the next. Everyone’s experience at Central is different; everyone’s is unique and special. I am only two months into my journey at Central, but I’ve already met some amazing people, tried many new things, and discovered a new, incredible part of myself I never realized was there. There truly is no school like Central Catholic; nowhere can match its individuality, spirit, and connection to each other.

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About the Contributor
Lucy Johnston ‘27
Lucy Johnston ‘27, Staff Writer
Lucy Johnston is a writer for the Raider Review. She is a freshman at CCHS and lives in Methuen, MA. Some of her hobbies include drawing, reading, and playing softball. Her favorite subject is art. She also enjoys spending time with family and friends. She is very excited to be part of the Raider Review.

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